Your Local Physical Therapy Professionals

Nationally Ranked & Focused on Community Care

Physical Therapy Professionals and Healthy U were established in 1994 in Lakeville, New York, as an independent and family owned physical therapy practice.

Throughout the next few years our practice continued to steadily grow and eventually the demand became greater than a single facility could accommodate. In the early 2000’s we opened our second location in Caledonia New York, followed by our Mt. Morris location in 2004.

The addition of our two new locations allowed us to respond to the increase in physician referrals and provided us the opportunity to increase our wellness offerings.

By 2006, our practice was growing at such a rapid pace, we decided to expand our facilities, yet again, to meet the increasing demand. We built a new state of the art location  in Lakeville, which became Livingston County’s only dedicated in-ground therapeutic pool and spa.

To date, we’re focused on adding additional programs and services to our practice and enjoying being a part of your recovery and our community.  Be Well.