What We Do

We Make Your Physical Therapy Personal 

Physical therapy encompasses a variety of diagnostic and treatment methods.  It’s our goal to choose the best course of treatment based on each patient’s individualized needs.   During patient intake we work with each person to define rehabilitation goals, assess their injury or areas of concern, and use that information and our examination to create a treatment plan.

Patients can expect their plan to involve a variety of different treatments.  Many of our programs and treatments focus heavily on stretching, massage, manipulation and strengthening as well as at home activities for each patient to work through when they aren’t at our facility.

National Rank for Improvement Per Case in the Treatment of Orthopedic Pain & Injuries

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National Rank for Improvement Per Case in the Treatment of Back and Lumbar Pain & Injuries

National Rank for Improvement Per Case in the Treatment of Knee Pain & Injuries

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Pain Management

Pain can originate from a number of sources.  Maybe you suffer from arthritis or the cause of your pain stems from a muscle or tendon condition.  Maybe you have a disc or back injury or perhaps the exact cause has yet to be determined.

Regardless of what causes your pain, we’ll perform an evaluation and determine a course of treatment that allows you to regain control of your situation.

Our treatments emphasize the body’s natural ability to heal, making physical therapy a gentle method of pain management and treatment.  As part of your program, you’ll learn how to assess your own condition and how to perform the best exercises to help manage your pain.

Pre-Op & Post-Op Physical Therapy

You may think Physical Therapy is best performed post-op in order to assist in regaining strength after surgeries, but pre-operative physical therapy can be equally as beneficial for many patients.

If you’re about to undergo a scheduled surgery, pre-operative physical therapy can put you in the best possible position going into your procedure, helping to facilitate a successful post-operative outcome.  Pre-Op treatment focuses on mobility, strength and may even feature a recommended period in our aquatic program for overall gentle strengthening.

Post-Operative physical therapy can help regain your strength after a surgical procedure.  Our techniques can assist in improving overall functional abilities and help regain full performance more quickly.

Neurological Conditions

Our rehabilitation team experienced in treating a number of acquired and congenital neurological conditions which can include: concussions, multiple sclerosis vertigo, parkinson’s, and spinal cord injuries.  Our customized care plans target therapy where it’s required providing individualized symptom relief for neurological conditions.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy has long been recognized as one of the most effective forms of rehabilitation for a variety of conditions. People who have difficulty with land-based exercise, whether due to injury, surgery or disease, can start therapy sooner and often with less discomfort.

The buoyancy, viscosity, thermal capacity and conductivity allow for a low stress environment. You can participate in aquatic conditioning, stability and flexibility to improve/maintain range of motion, strengthening/stabilization exercises, to improve your balance and coordination, and to reduce swelling.

We also offer an aquatic maintenance program which consists of upper and lower body strengthening and balance exercises. Our aquatic maintenance program is set up in stations to provide you your own space in the pool.  You can also choose to participate in a mild water aerobic class.

Silver Sneakers

Silver sneakers programs are designed to get and keep seniors active. Not only are these classes fun to participate in, but studies show exercise can assist in a variety of conditions that begin to occur as we age.  This makes it extra important to keep moving and stay active.

Our group classes are 45-60 minutes long and focus on upper and lower extremity strengthening, balance,  and stretching (range of motion) activities.  During the class, participants will do some activities sitting and others standing, and use both their own body weight and a variety of equipment.

Healthy U: Wellness & Personal Training

Effective 3/17/20: Until further notice, please call or stop by for up to date schedules, hours and wellness options.

In our wellness center, members are free to use our equipment (free weights, kettlebells, weight machines, turf, trx/suspension trainers, and various cardio equipment) during regular business hours.

If you require some guidance before starting in the wellness center, we have personal trainers who can help you familiarize yourself with the equipment and help design a personalized program that fits your needs.